3 Star road ride – quicker pace. Suitable for experienced riders, may be hilly, long, quick, or any combination! Average speed: 12–14 mph Distance: 30 miles Start time: 9:30am, nb morning start Ride time: Approx 3 hours including a tea stop Ride leader: Patrick Hardiman Route: Out through the Wittenhams, Clifton Hampden and Garsington to a cafe stop […]

2 Star road ride – steady pace, with some climbs. Suitable for regular riders who prefer a more relaxed pace. Average speed: 10–12 mph Distance: 21 miles Start time: 1:30 pm Ride time: Approx 3 hours including a tea stop Ride leader: Cliff Bellis Route: A few gentle climbs going out via Brightwell-cum-Sotwell and Sires Hill to Appleford, […]